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Die Cutters

  Die Cutters | Yawa
Model Number: 780
Year Manufactured: 2010 Price: 30000

The main specifications of MW780 are as follows.
Max size: 780*540 mm
Min size: 310*210 mm
Stock range: 0.1-1.5 mm
Corrugated: E, B
Min margin: 8 mm
Max die-cutting size: 750*520 mm
Chase inside size: 760*530 mm
Max pressure: 120 ton
Max mechanical speed: 5500sph
Feeding pile height: 950 mm
Delivery pile height: 700 mm
Total capacity: 11 kva
Net weight: 7500 kg
Dimensions: 4000*2300*1900 mm
Power: 380V10%, 50Hz, 3Phs

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